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Thread: net making book

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    net making book

    hi gents does anybody know of a good book to teach me purse net making?

    many thanks


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    Hi Jim, have you tried looking on youtube? There are some training type videos there...

    You may prefer a good old fashioned book too.

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    Jimbo, I have a few books on the subject but follow the link below which takes you to Nige's (Agouti) website, these are superb

    Tutorials | Agouti

    Also one of the best suppliers of good kit (including Loomis needles) around.



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    Thanks for the replies gents I've had a look at the tutorials they're great ! I'll be having a go tonight when I finish work


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    hi jim KP&S NETS in axminster devon for a book and all the kit you need . W.S.
    Walk little- look often .

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    Thanks mate I'll take a look much appreciated


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