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Thread: Hillver Scope Rings

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    Hillver Scope Rings

    I'm looking fora set of 30 mm Hillver rings to accommodate a Meopta Artemis 3-9x 50 scope. I have set of rings that came with the rifle (Australian made) but the objective sits 12 mm off the barrel which I think is a bit too high. I've had a look around some of the local RFD's but can't find a set anywhere. Anybody know of any UK stockists.



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    Hi Jim
    What rifle is it for

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    Quote Originally Posted by geordieh View Post
    Hi Jim
    What rifle is it for
    Hi Geordie

    They are for a Browning A Bolt Stainless .270win. The bases on the rifle have a single post and the rings are secured by 2 allen screws.



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    Think I might have a matt black set of Hilver 30 mm rings that I used to mount a MTC Viper with a 56 mm objective lense. Not sure if they are classed as medium or high, will have a look in the morning and let you know. Not sure what they are worth but if there any good to you I'm sure we can come to an agreement.


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    Hilver's are typically 'stud' type rings and bases - which is what yours seem to be .
    Hilvers stopped making them / went out of business years ago , they also made rings / bases for at least Tasco and Nikon , Lynx optics then appeared producing very similar rings / bases - i think somebody was importing their gear but i don't recall who.
    Joe at the Gunshop at Cats Hill East Barnet still stocks some Hilver bits and pieces , might be worth giving him a ring

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    Thank for the feedback guys, seems like Hillver rings are like hens teeth. I'll keep looking tho'.



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    This is the company making them :

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    Thanks for the link.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hales Smut View Post
    This is the company making them :

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    Many years ago they were marketed as Tasco World Class mount , made in Australia. They have the reputation of being one of the strongest mounts available.

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