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Thread: Quarry Species Question

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    Quarry Species Question

    While chatting about past sporting exploits with a gentleman the other day it occurred to me that most of us will have a line that we do not cross...a personally imposed sense of what species it's sporting to shoot. So this is the question:

    What couldn't you/wouldn't you want to shoot?

    For me it's elephants, simply couldn't do it. I'd probably also have trouble with some of the big predators. I have been out to Canada for black bear, but that's another story.

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    I couldn't shoot a badger for some reason, I don't know why. I'd be happy to shoot cats and chavs and child molesters but not badgers. I don't think I could shoot bears or big cats either! I'll stick to deer, foxes, squirrels and rabbits I think.

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    Nothing wrong with taking Elephants, especially rogue ones, they are not quite so placid and friendly. They are terrific animals, but when wounded in a poachers snare like mine was, well its a different ball game.

    Whales, cant see the sense in people taking them at all, dont like the Japs for doing this under scientific reasons. And people who want to hunt a Soay Sheep, for some odd reason some people liken them as a trophy to take

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    I've just remember seeing walrus offered by an outfitter ttoo, wouldn't want to do that either.

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    Hi Drew,
    It does sound a bit strange hunting walrus. Have you got any 'Real Sea' camo gear handy or a sea weed ghillie suit!

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    Back in the mid-90's I worked for PH over in Zimbabwe and we did a number of elephant hunts. I'll never forget the first one, where a number of bulls were out on a 'pan handle' on the shores of Lake Kariba. The PH identified the one to take and as it fell to its knees, the other bulls tried to support it and keep it on it's feet. It was very moving, even in the 'heat of battle'. Afterwards, I don't think any of us felt a sense of acheivement or elation, even the American client who had done most of the shooting (and was a idiot with an ego bigger than anyone I ever met!).

    Yes. all the locals came along and were very well fed for the next few weeks, but it did seem a shame that such a wonderful animal had met it's end. At that time the CAMPFIRE scheme was running in Zimbabwe, but I always had my doubts about the reliability of the animal counts, and therefore the cull quotas - the locals wanted trophy money and they wanted red meat, so who could blame them for exagerating the numbers a little?

    We did plenty of plains game which was fantastic! Good sport and lovely eating. For me it's all about the eating. If it tastes good, there are too many of them and the animal enters the food chain, then I have no problems with it being shot and that applies to elephants too - but I won't be the one pulling the trigger...

    Now Cape Buffalo, there's a thought...........



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    Blimey Rob! Me and the missus have our hearts in are mouths with your elephant account. You are right about elephants needing to be culled but its heart breaking. I read a book about a British Army Officer in Burma during WWII. 'Elephant Bill', he was in charge of the elephant convoys through the jungle resupplying the British and Indian troops. Some of the Elephants got captured by the japs and put to work for their war effort. The RAF had to drop bombs on the Elephants and Mahouts to stop them. The pilots hated doing it. Very sad.

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    Must agree on elephants - or for that matter rhino. Never felt the urge.

    In two minds about big cats though. Lions don't excite me, but after reading far too much Ruark and Corbett, I'd love a chance at leopard. Though it's unlikely ever to happen.

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    Your a bit of a dark horse Rob. I had no idea you had been to Zim.

    I have to admit, I had no intention of taking an Elephant at the time, as I was hunting Cape Buff. But as the Elephant in question had only half a trunk due to a poachers snare, it befell me to do the job. I will freely admit I would not have shot this cow, if it had a calf. This was something I could not do. But as luck (if you can call it that) would have it, it was a barren cow.

    I took no ivory, or skin away as a trophy, only a few tail hairs which I had made into bracelets, all of which I gave away to friends apart from one which I still have. The whole village turned out and devoured it. And it is the only animal I have ever had filmed while I shot. Most present to collect the meat were women and children, who were very hungry.

    Would I do it again YES, if the circumstances were the same. Would I go for Elephant on a trophy basis, probably not, having taken one although a cow, I have no desire to take another.

    Funny culling Red Hinds in the winter in Scotland, as a rule you should take the calf as well, does anyone have a problem with that? Personally I dont, but at times I have not shot, because I did not feel right, or the dam was showing a tender moment towards the calf, stalkers do have hearts, despite what the antis feel or say. Being a hunter means you show respect for your quarry.

    Showing due respect gentlemen that is the most important thing at time like this. There is a right time for everything.

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