Whilst JAYB and myself are happy and pleased that many of the site members take out other site members on their ground or grounds for free and have formed many good friendships and have never asked for a penny for the service, we have noticed that as the site is becoming more popular some people are using the site to launch or approach site members on a payment basis.

On principle we have no issue with this, but before anyone starts using this site to advertise on a payment basis, please have the courtesty to talk to JAYB about the cost of the advert. In general all we ask is 10 a month not exactly a kings ransom is it! It cost money to run and maintain this site and the only revenue we recieve is through the small and limited amount of advertising that we allow. Many sites allow all number of junk adverts to pay for the site, that is not the policy of this Admin Team.

So Gentlemen and Ladies, if you want to promote yourself or your guiding business please approach Admin first, otherwise do not be suprised if your post is removed and or possibly your name from the members listings.

Thank you