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Thread: Scope mounts.

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    Scope mounts.

    I have a Ziess 6x24x56 on my Sako 75 in 20 Tac and I find that the scope turret housing is up against the inside of the first ring and will not let the scope come back more, i would like to know if someone makes the base and ring at the other way round where the pin is.
    Or is there mounts to allow for the scope to come back more.

    Yes this has tapering dovetails integral to the action.
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    Is this the model that has tapering dovetails integral to the action and how much further back does it need to come? I've never owned a Sako sadly so apologies for my ignorance re the former.
    I would normally not hesitate in recommending a certain brand from Texas but on this occasion believe your needs are probably best served by Apel. Look for the ones that are three-part as per their front swing off unit:

    1. Base
    2. Angled middle section
    3. Ring

    This type offers max flexibility especially if available for back and front.

    There may of course be a significantly cheaper and more readily available solution. If so someone won't be far behind with the detail.


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