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Thread: Steiner Nighthunter binos - clearance sale

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    Steiner Nighthunter binos - clearance sale

    I was looking to see what the current price of Steiner Nighthunter bins were (thinking to save for christmas) when I spotted them on 40%+ off in a clearance sale at Fotosense:

    My new 7x50's will arrive tomorrow...

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    Hi Pippa,

    You must have grabbed the last pair as the site now says they're out of stock. Still, very good value and I hope you get on well with them.
    On your other topic of trigger adjustment, I think it is well worth getting it done by an expert; not just for the safety aspect but because when done well it just makes a rifle so much nicer to shoot. Callum Ferguson of Precision Rifles did mine on a Remington 700 and when the site picture in the scope looks right the rifle goes bang. You are hardly aware of having pulled the trigger. Good luck

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    Pippa, did you get your rifle yet?

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    Yup - picked it up on Friday. Have run a meths patch through it to clean any oil/dust out... Checked the loading/unloading procedure as I'm not familiar with the floor-plate system, and that's it... I get to shoot the barrel in this weekend at Parracombe range; hopefully there'll be time to zero and shoot some groups with the different ammo I bought too...

    Oh - the bins turned up about 15 mins ago -- they're great! Will try them out properly this evening...

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    Happy as a dog with a tin wotsit then!

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