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    Times Article

    Was reading the times today and there was a very good article on badger culling and the general need for control of certain predators listing foxes and crows as well. Will try and upload a scan of it but if you can grab a copy from somewhere its worth a read. Its the first mainstream article I have read in a national column that articulates so well the need for predator control.

    Start of the article:
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    Not going to subscribe but it is nice to see someone putting forward the alternative opinion that does not have the usual Disney view of wildlife !

    Cheers + ATVB

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    any chance you could cut and past the text into a post so us tight buggers can have a read?

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    Not sure what the admin would think about that sort of copyright abuse? Happy to deliver the goods if they are up for it...

    It really is worth reading if you can get hold of yesterday's paper. I happened to pick it up at the airport last night for a flight back to the UK and was really impressed by the article.

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    any chance you could cut and past the text into a post so us tight buggers can have a read?

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