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Thread: required layout/info for posting bought stalking days?

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    required layout/info for posting bought stalking days?

    I note that in the short time I've been visiting this great site, there have been a few members posting availability of stalking for bought days, and that often these members have to be asked to post further info so that interested parties can assess the deal.

    Would it be beneficial to put a sticky in the Late Availability section, requiring anyone posting there to keep to a specific template that gives all the necessary info?

    for instance:

    Location: approximate location - county or nearest town (we accept that specific locations can not always be given in order to deter scallys and scrotes)
    Guide/contact name
    Guide / contact number (or can request PM)
    Type of deer available: red / roe / fallow / muntjac / CWD
    Date(s) available
    Number of places available
    Price per stalk / day / trip (state number of stalks if this is a package)
    Additional info:
    Can carcass be kept?
    Can carcass / meat be bought?
    Will there be any 'success' charge? (How much)
    What are the charges for trophies?
    Will all stalks be accompanied or will it be possible to stalk (or occupy a high seat) alone?
    At what point will a stalker be advised regarding a 'cull' buck/stag as opposed to a 'trophy' - during initial briefing or just prior to shot being offered?
    Are estate rifles available?
    What calibre is suggested, or is there a maximum calibre that the ground is cleared for?

    I think that covers everything I would want to know - did I miss anything?

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    It would be great to have a set of general requirements for all advertisers to adhere to

    Nothing to hide - No problem...

    It also allows other site members to add their recommendations good or bad..

    The site for many is still a close Knit or is it nit community and with a generalised advert those that are experienced can also keep an eye out for the newbies/novices..

    Great idea and should be actioned upon..

    This could really work if ADMIN had to email an advertising spreadsheet to fill in which would also see them getting paid upfront for all advertising...

    Sorry ADMIN as if your not busy enough looking after us all in Scotland

    Would certainly aleviate some of the problems were currently having in the advertising section...

    other points to add .. minimum requirements ie level one etc
    AW or CW witness


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    I have often thought along these lines, particularly when someone says they 'had a fantastic time' 'guide couldn't do enough for me' etc etc
    Then when it comes down to it they paid a large sum of money anyway and I would expect a fantastic time etc etc for what was paid.
    Then there are those with bigger disposable income than others that say 'It was fantastic value' purely because the 200 or so they paid is pocket money to them.
    Some sort of template with all the boxes filled in would enable others in different circumstances to decide what would be good for them.
    Whoever comes up with such a template would have to think very carefully about what was included in it and even then, would Stalkers fill in the relevent boxes. I wonder

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