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Thread: condition of roe deer

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    condition of roe deer

    l was out stalking one morning around 4.30am glassing a small plantation of mixed decidouis wood when l spotted a doe and a buck together on assessing them l would say they where yearlings this was around the end of may nearly going into june on looking through the binoculars the condition of the animal looked poor as did the other and was very much still in winter pealage and quite thin after l had shot it .l noticed it was still shedding velvet but had noticed these conditions on some other deer l had glassed these were all roe deer personnally l think everything is a good month and a half behind this year becuase of the prolonged cold spell.

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    Yeah they do seem to be a bit late at the moment. Shot a little buck on Tuesday which was also just moving into summer coat. Had no antlers and those 'aladdin slippers' kind of hooves on the front feet which may be the reason he was looking a little scubby.

    After I'd gralloched him though I moved over to a valley and watched a couple more as they came out to graze. One doe came out with two yearlings in tow. The doe was still in full winter coat while the yearlings were in full summer coat.

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