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Thread: Breach of Sales of Goods act (so possibly in the wrong section).....

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    Breach of Sales of Goods act (so possibly in the wrong section).....

    .....excellent complaint.

    Not only Birmingham, I would suggest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyefor View Post
    .....excellent complaint.

    Not only Birmingham, I would suggest?


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    Wrong dept, Trading Standards I think you'll find.
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    Darwinism?..... some of them do get through now & again!
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    You see what happens when you dont work hard at school! I dont want to sound elitist, but if the gentleman concerned has paid attention in class he would remember that you cannot rely upon statute enforcement in respect of any act that is intrinsically immoral or contrary to the public good.

    I'm sure we all recall the case law relating to the carriage ordered by the lady of 'ill repute'! Well JAYB does at least...
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    This is when I need the middle finger emoticon

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    He should have asked her to pay for the sex because she was a troll.... that's not sexist by the way after all hookers exploit 'people' which is may be men or woman that are just 'customers'...

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    As a silhillian and current Solihull resident I would just like to point a couple of things out. Firstly that I was not the gentleman in question making the complaint to the police.

    Secondly my sister has never ever said she looks like Beyonce nor will she ever look like her ! Nuff said.

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