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Thread: New member from West Wales.

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    New member from West Wales.

    Hi everyone,
    Im Jack, started shooting when I was 10 and have gradually been moving up the shooting ladder. Started with an air rifle, and just bought my first centre fire.
    I have a close group of friends that I shoot with most weeks, I love lamping, ferreting, decoying etc. If it's outside then I enjoy it.

    I own a couple of shotguns and a .17hmr rifle. However I just bought a winchester model 70 in .243 as my first deer rifle. I've done my DSC level one. And have an incurable itch to shoot my first deer!


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    Hi Jack and welcome to the site, what part of west wales are you from?

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    Hi Tony, I'm from Aberaeron, just south of Aberystwyth. No deer here! only foxes and rabbits. Where do you go stalking? somewhere local to Port Talbot?

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    Hi Jack welcome to the site nice part of the world Aberaeron. Im near Pembroke
    ATB Alun

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi jack,ijust got back to Devon after visiting my dad,who's quite ill in Ciliau Aeron.
    I learnt to shoot in Mydroilyn,mainly foxes and rabbits but down here in Devon i
    struck lucky and could shoot deer from my bedroom windows.
    still toying with moving back though.Gods country!

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