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Thread: Deer licence tenders

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    Deer licence tenders

    HEADS UP PEOPLE Deer Licence

    Forestry commission has put out for deer tenders from Carlisle down to Devon link on

    best of luck

    Paul D

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    Its interesting but I guess not surprising that the Bedfordshire ones are shoot everything on sight pretty much

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    In case any one wants a bit of help, we have produced some guidance here:
    Best wishes

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    SMH Training and Scientific Services runs a number of training courses aimed at the industrial operative, inclusive of these are manual handling and first aid. Both of these are useful for the tender (2 points each). Whilst in the timeframes concerned we can not run a volume of the first aid courses, I have spoken to the MD of that business and we can put manual handling courses on in all of our branches over the next 6 weeks.

    Newcastle, Leeds, St. Helen's, Nottingham, Birmingham, London and Southampton. [Or even in France/Switzerland /Australia/New Zealand if you happen to be so located?]

    The course is a half day and is 30.

    Admin - I know this is in the wrong section and we can move it, however it is not something we would normally offer on the SD site and really are only putting it on for these tenders.

    If anyone would like to attend one of these please pm in the first instance or email

    Best Wishes and good luck


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    Am I the only one that thinks these forestry commission things are just a little bit rigged!

    It will cost you fortune just to tick the boxes. And then the local warden will just Cain anything that moves as the cull figures "have to be achived".

    Payout can't blame the FC though. They are a bussines!
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    Cull figures are very high... Usually (FC guys correct me if I'm wrong) it runs around 1 per 14 or 15 hectares for Roe. These seem to be based around 1 per 10 - 12.

    You'll have to be going some to hit the numbers unless the ground is riddled (Roe).

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    the bedfordshire site is 115ha and 27 muntjac and unlimited roe. thats a 4hectares a beast on the munty. thats some work given ground cover for munty will really pin you back to 7 or 8 months a season to be really effective

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    This will get every one wishing they had done there LEV 1 and 2

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    Fantastic new tenders just what I have been waiting for.........if you have all the bits of paper and can deliver the results than you have as much chance as every one else

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    On this topic, does anyone know, (and I'm sure many will), if the FC have any regulations regarding the Manual Handling Certificate? Does it have to be done through a specific provider? No point in doing a course and they say it's not what's required.

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