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Thread: local deer heads (roe)

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    local deer heads (roe)

    photos please.

    I am aware of differing heads in different areas and am genuinley intersted in local populations.
    my local yorkshire deer tend to be long delicate and good points little pearling and not much span.

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    An exceptional 8 point buck which I shot here in Cumbria in 1963.
    It missed a Bronze medal by about half-a-CIC point.
    The late G. K.Whitehead said I had been too savage with the saw !
    I never cut the scull now on any likely highly rated trophy.


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    Here are heads more typical of our local population. [ Roe and Reds. ]


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    most are like this wide and reasonable pearling

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    Quote Originally Posted by stag1933
    Here are heads more typical of our local population. [ Roe and Reds. ]


    Is that taken in your home Stag?
    My Mrs would freak if i hung any heads on the wall??
    By the way, i love the roe pictures.

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    Here you go John

    A couple from North West Herefordshire

    Sorry about the head on the left the bloody dogs got it


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    Aye, it is part of the left-side wall when you go through the door.
    There are three pictures on that wall of Roe. They are prints of originals done by a German, Carl Zimmermann.
    My lady companion of 36 years was with me when I shot some of them, some she helped me find and is not fazed by blood etc.
    I have run out of wall space in there now !


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    The other two pictures.


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    Here's few Dorset/Somerset heads my wife allowed me to put up, the rest are in the shed/garage/garden fence/ and hut

    And here's a close up of one of them,

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