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Thread: First shot flier

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    First shot flier

    Help Ihave a 270win with an ace ultra mod, using Norma 130 the first shot out of a cold barrel goes 3inches high all following rounds go in the bull in a 1inch group, with winchester 130 it does not happen everything is tight, the barrel is bedded anyone any idea before I have to pull 100 rounds of factory norma.

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    Is that a cold and cleaned barrel?

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    Does she do that without moderator too?
    action screws really tight?
    don't know that mod is it over barrel type? Bush to tight?


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    get something else for the small stuff and only use this gun on really big deer!

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    try it without the moderator first. You may find that the problem is the bushing. You could try it with the bushing removed but the moderator fitted.
    I had a similar problem with my 6ppc

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    I had exactly the same problem when I got my first rifle and was told the following.

    For hunting purposes 90% of your shots will be from a cold barrel. Thus next time you shoot a group take a thermos of tea.

    Fire one shot from a cold barrel.

    Poor out a cup of tea

    Fire another shot

    Drink a cup of tea

    Fire the third shot

    By leaving the barrel to cool between shots you should find that our rifle consistently groups its first shots in the same place.

    Most sporter weight barrels will shoot differently when hot and cold - it is a simple function of no manufacturer can absolutly 100% ensure that the barrel is exactly concentric, thus it will tend to warp as it heats up.

    Key is the first shot position. If a rapid 2nd and 3rd shot is needed most rifles will put that close enough to do the job.

    Heavy target barrels, having more metal to them are stiffer, and take longer to heat up, hence they tend to be used in target / varmint rifles where a number of shots need to be taken in a short time frame.

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    I would not take such a rifle on a hunt. 3"??? rather bin it.
    But I'm certain it can be sorted. My guess is it's not the ammo.

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    Have finely sorted the problem, my rifle has an adapter between the mod and the barrel because the barrel is threaded 1/2 inch and the mod is 9/16.
    The mod also fits my 6.5x55 and because the thread size is so close the hole up the middle has only 9 thousands of an inch tollerance and the carbon from the bullets was hardening in the hole when it cooled,
    Hence smaller hole more resistance FIRST ROUND FLYER
    Thanks ever bit of advise you gave helped me to sort the problem.

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    Happy to hear you sorted it Keith, will be posting in classifieds what's left from a friends sell up in a few minutes, how have you gone on with the toys you borrowed?, Steve.

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