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Thread: Lee challenger reloading kit

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    Lee challenger reloading kit

    wanting to start reloading and looking at getting the Lee challenger kit, anyone got experience of this, any good??

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    As a cheap entry to reloading they are very good. You may want to change the scales at some point, but the rest of the kit is just fine.

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    Very good - not just as a starting point. Have a read on some of the seriously deranged.... er I mean committed ... er I mean enthusiastic accuracy bods - various Lee products rate very highly.

    ​There's been a recent famine of these kits of late - believe that is now sorted or soon to be. ( We've 5 on back order for customers )
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    The anniversary kit is what I started with, it has given me some great results. You can always upgrade any pieces if you feel that you want to strive for perfection but for the shooting I do it does the job brilliantly.
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    I have recently got into reloading, bought the same kit and it is not bad at all for starting. I got mine to reload my new 6.5x47, it gets me a ragged hole at 100 yards, so it may be cheap but with a little time and care it can produce impressive results.
    If there are any niggles it would be (as already mentioned) the scales, the beam pointer is ok but the stand side is a little less defined so judging the same point each time is a little vague and time consuming. I am also not so keen on the breech lock bushing on the press as there is play when it is in place and bullet seating does seem to vary a bit and I am sure it is down to this, I was given a JR3 at the time and although it is old it is very solid and is imo opinion a much better press and seats much more accurately.
    Enjoy, reloading for me is a very relaxing and satisfying part of our great hobby.

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