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Thread: Harkila Kodiak trousers leaking

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    Harkila Kodiak trousers leaking

    Anyone else find their suposed to be waterproof Harkila gore tex trousers leak around the backside area. I am wondering about sending them back. I have had mine around two months and wear 3 to 4 times per week. Also if anyone has any tips on how to wash them please let me know.
    Other that that they seem very well made and hard wearing.

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    Are we talking leaking inwards or outwards?

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    Take them back. If you have only had them that length of time, the shop where you purchased them from, should without question post them back to Seeland who are very good at replacing clothing with problems.

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    Leaking i presume in both directions although so far have only found to be the 'inward direction'
    Cheers, will contact shop and send back.

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