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Thread: FREE to a Good Home!

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    FREE to a Good Home!

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    ​Caught this little b****d in my hen run this morning - sadly neighbours are very close so it will be 'rehomed' later on a farm nearby (maybe with my .243!)
    In the meantime , if anyone wants a charming pet .......
    ​Please PM me
    ​Charlie 1 Hens 1
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    That's a pretty committed looking glare!
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    Do you mind explaining how you've got the trigger set on your trap it looks like you can get it sensitive cheers nemo
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    Can I suggest taking it to Brian Mays house and leaving it in his car for him

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemo View Post
    Do you mind explaining how you've got the trigger set on your trap it looks like you can get it sensitive cheers nemo
    Hi the trigger looks like one of my mousetraps, please explain/show how you have rigged it.

    Cheers WB

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    Hi mate. Drop him off at ours. Open the trap when I shout PULL!
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

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    what a top guy you are ,taking it out and releasing it in the countryside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willowbank View Post
    Hi the trigger looks like one of my mousetraps, please explain/show how you have rigged it.

    Cheers WB
    Hi, The trap is one I have had for a few years original cable tied together until i found a design I liked.

    Mark 1 had a guillotine door made of 2inch mesh it was a bit hit and miss and because it seemed to get stuck on the way down,

    Mark 2 Had a heavy mesh door that rusted to the guides that it slid down. I tried to use a pressure plate for 1 & 2 a bit like a rat cage trap, My traps are static "less sent" undergrowth in spring restricts the plate.

    Mark 3 had a 3mm alloy plate guillotine door it reflected the sun and look like a 2 foot cats eye. and was very hard to get a trigger to give the door enough force but remain light enough to the touch. fail.

    Mark 4 door got hinged at the top and lifted up inside the trap. you can see the door bolt in eds picture it was original spring loaded. drilled where the wire attatches at the top of bolt. on to rat trap, trap screw to board in 4 corners. board has a couple of pipe clip on the bottom to loosely attach it to the cage because you will need to get to the bottom of the board. you need to drill 1, 6mm hole in the trap through the end of the pressure plate through the bottom of the trap and through the board. in the back end of the trap there is a alloy back plate with a split pin through it with the round loop facing inwards plate screw to bars.
    Ok to set trap lift door, slide bolt in, place half rabbit a bait tied with fishing braid 1 foot in from all side. braid through loop in back plate, up through 6mm hole board trap and plate. then tied to split pin on top of rat trap. put board in place set rat trap, and attach wire from pin.

    The plastic rat trap was the best wood and metal did not like the weather. you do have to cover the rat trap just to stop birds falsely setting it off.
    The braid and the wire don't stretch and don't need any slack. I cover the side that only gives Charlie one way to get to the bait.

    All the best

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    Too late - I fear he has gone to the big fox den in the sky - but thanks for thinking about him!

    Post Script
    The last person he saw was a Max Hornady - whoever he is?
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