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Thread: Welsh Stalking syndicate/Woodland purchase

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    Welsh Stalking syndicate/Woodland purchase

    Hi guys

    Posted a few weeks back regarding a Welsh (West/South West of the Cambrians roughly) stalking syndicate which a couple of members pm'd me on. Tks for the interest and I have your details on file.

    Rather than just leasing woodland as originally thought, I'm looking at the possibility of purchasing a block (or various blocks) even if they are just remotely holding any species of deer at the moment.

    Question 1....Anyone have any ideas about what tax breaks are available for woodland purchase and further development of same.

    Question 2....Could the local deer population be enhanced legally and could other wild species be introduced (again legally) to add diversification. (Unless you ABSOLUTELY KNOW the current legislation don't answer because it just gets confusing)

    Tks guys



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    Hi mate, I bought ground up in highland which is my alternative pension plan that has good sika and red now the plantations have developed a bit. If you have managed woodland for 2 years you qualify for tax free timber sales I understand it.

    The best thing about owning land is the opportunity to manage it in the way that suits you best and I think there are good hardwood grant schemes in Wales to tie into that would help you set up new blocks of woodland to act as deer magnets.

    Go for it if you can because we get old fast. Land is an excellent investment but do some homework on what grants and funds could help give you an idea on setting out a budget for improving or creating new woodland if you buy land.

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    Tks Paul

    As per Tesco.....Every little bit helps !


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    Woodland Purchase

    Hi Rockin, I read your initial post with interest and now this one. I did much the same as Paul some six years ago when I bought a 30 year-old established wood in the Highlands. It took me over 3 years of looking with a few letdowns before I secured this place. When looking I received lots of property particulars from all over the UK. The bad news for you is that prices in Wales seemed to me to be very high. Gone are the days when you could buy a neglected hill farm for 300 per acre,plant it with grants and then more than double your value. I would suggest you would be better off buying an established wood of low timber value with an already established deer population than small blocks or attempting to import deer into a deer-free area. This would take too long , be expensive and fraught with problems logistical and legal. Woodland can be affordable but only if the timber is poor. A wood with high timber values would come with high management costs and could be less suitable for deer. I would think a block of 200 acres would be the minimum to suit the purpose and expect to pay 1000 an acre. Blocks like this can still be bought , in fact next door is for sale just now. Pauls 2 year rule applies to the capital gains tax exemption and inheritance tax exemption on commercially managed forests. Any income from timber sales is always tax free but there are replanting and other obligations which takes the shine off income. Best of luck mate and do let us know how you get on. It worked for me. David.

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    David is 100% right about buying 'shootable' property but the problem for me is I have to travel 5 hours north to my ground and I think you would have the same problem. My Reds and Sika are rutting now though which is worth the treck.

    It is also very true that finding the right piece of ground is hard but you have to look in the right places and be patient.

    The truth is though if you develop a nicely mixed woodland and introduce some reds, fallow and roe and that ground is watched by good neighbours, you will develop over time a hell of a property and given the location it will be worth a lot of cash through its amenity value.

    Look at the links here, check through the properties on the market now.

    good luck

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    Tk u gentlemen 4 the observations and comments

    I'm lookin at a 5/10 + year plan. The project is ongoing and will hopefully come to fruition in the years to come. As per Tesco ......every little bit helps !



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    Have a look at this site, I've given you the link for SW Wales but they cover the whole UK.

    I would be reluctant to introduce deer as they will not stay on the ground and you will only benefit if the population generally establishes itself and yours is as good a habitat as anything else locally. If it is not then you will only get deer as they overflow the better habitat.

    Of all the species roe are probably the best best for sticking on the ground unless you buy a big block of deciduous woodland that would hold reds or fallow and it would have to be a very big block not to lose them (or fenced).

    For me the best plan would be to acquire a few hundred acres in an area where deer are either established or moving into and wait for them to come to you.

    You cannot introduce an alien species and this includes muntjac, sika and CWD.

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    I would urge caution with Many of their lots carry covenants prohibiting most forms of traditional country sports. Follow Paul's link then take guidance from the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. I think you will get my drift. Iawn?

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