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Thread: 4x4 motors

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    4x4 motors

    Hi Guys

    Not really my scene (motors) but lookin for a 4 x 4 and want help from members.

    Need a.............

    Seriously good offroader (Carcass recovery fox/bunny lamping etc)

    Economical on long journeys (Cairngorms from Wales 500+ miles)...Being from Ceredigion we're known as 'Cardi's ........Cardi's have to be able to buy from Scots and sell to Jews AND MAKE A PROFIT !)

    6 gears (plus reverse !....don't be arses !)

    Auto - Handy..... Not a race boy.....but not absolutely necessary

    Cruise - (Arthritic right knee - needs serious resting on long journeys)

    Reliable (got AA and RAC but I don't like to be caught out)

    Capability for 4 adults plus a coupla dogs in the back (I hate dogs in the front - Sally the ESS farts really bad when she's eaten venison scraps) plus rifles and kit the carcasses of course !

    100,000 miles ish

    10 yr old ish

    Good nick...tidy body....Don't want to look like a Gypo (No disrespect to genuine 'travellers')

    Any help would be mucho appreciated



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    Not being that picky then for a 10 year old motor

    Disco( biased I work on LR's )
    Import Shogun (pajero) they come with everything on them and you will pick up an auto>

    4x4 are a Marmite subject as everybody will have there preferences


    Go onto Brigtwells Auction site, on of the countries biggest 4x4 auctions and it's in Leominster so not too much of a trip for you.

    Just a quicky- We are sending most of our PX's there at the moment because the price of second hand 4x4 has gone through the roof in the last couple of months, we are getting forecourt prices for them at auction with none of the hastle of putting them through the workshop.


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    Toyota Landcruiser or Colorado. Comfort and reliability even in a 'mature' one, off-road they are only bested by short whel base landies if they are on decent tyres.

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    mitsubishi pajero cause i got one must add tho that they are not the best on fuel, but gets anywhere off road ( mine does) ,


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    ten year old perfect scrap it and put the 2000 pounds towards
    a new range rover about 56000
    should meet all your needs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator
    ten year old perfect scrap it and put the 2000 pounds towards
    a new range rover about 56000
    should meet all your needs

    You can add another £20k to that mate

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    Just have to prove you owned your scrapper for 12 months!

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    Go on buy a 10 year old Land Rover Discovery I dare you. I would not buy a 10 month old one.

    Life will never be the same again.

    Only old 4x4 worth tuppence on and off road is Japanese unless you have shifting spanners for fingers.

    Pajero, shogun or Toyota LandCruiser, none of which are economical but will get you there and back.

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    I am looking at an Isuzu Rodeo Denver at the moment. I understand they are Thailands most used and reliable jungle off roader.


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    Just like the Unicorn, the perfect 4x4 doesn't exist, but if it did it would be like this, As hard as a Land rover, as soft inside as a Range rover, as quick as a Cayenne, as frugal as a Micra, Oh! and GREEN Steve.

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