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    FAC referees

    A quick one chaps, my form is all filled out, land sorted, but referees are a pain because they live across the country...can the two referees be married and live at the same address? One's a GP and one's a teacher and I have known them both well since starting university with them 14 years ago.

    I am just not sure if they could both live at the same address - any ideas chaps? Going to dinner with them this evening so could potentially get it all signed today before the long wait.



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    I can't see why not! I don't think they have to be from different addresses

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    As long as they are not related to you there is no reason why two people that live together can not be your referees.

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    Where a referee lives (in the UK) should have no bearing ,my referees live over 300mi from me.

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    One is a teacher, one is a GP, think you have it covered there friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    One is a teacher, one is a GP, think you have it covered there friend.
    Was thinking the same thing there Steve
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