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Thread: Gun smith near Lancashire to fit trigger spring to x bolt

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    Gun smith near Lancashire to fit trigger spring to x bolt

    Hi does anybody know of a good gunsmith to supply and install a lighter spring on the trigger on my x bolt

    Many thanks


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    Not Lancashire but try dave at valkryie rifles in Barnsley,not to far from lancs and his work is worth the drive.

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    Try Vaughn he isn't too far away from Blackpool.01253 790465. He's retired but does odds and sods at home just to keep his hand in.

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    Redmist posts on here and is Lancs. Not just recommending a mate as i have had no dealings with him but his reputation is very good.


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    Getting the lighter spring will be the hard part, there was one available in the US but he would not ship, and has now stopped doing it anyway.
    It is not a difficult trigger to work on, and only really needs the stock spring cut down a little to end up with a decent trigger, mine broke around 1lb 12oz.
    Here are the destructions for doing it yourself No.12. Browning X-Bolt Install a Light Trigger Spring
    Only two things to double check, make sure you knock the cross pins out the right side, and make certain trigger is safe once you have it at your chosen pull weight.


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    + one with hornet.
    The trigger was always crisp on my .223 x bolt but I couldnt get the pull down below 3.5lbs. I tried to get the lighter spring but they wouldnt ship from the USA.
    After reading a post on here (Ive forgotten who posted it) I Cut my spring down (1.5 coils) as they advised and it now breaks at just over 2lbs.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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