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Thread: Dedicated foxing calibre

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    Question Dedicated foxing calibre

    After a bit advice please, iv just acquired 3000 plus acre for foxing. At minute a shot all my foxes/roe with 243. Majority of the new ground is only passed for any calibre below 243 due to it been near quiet a built up area. So question is what would you guys suggest

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    I've had .223, .204 and 22/250.
    The one I still have and have used for the last 5 years is the 22/250, it may be a bit old hat with all these new cartridges around but it hits hard, shoots flat,is easy to hand load for and most gun shops keep a good stock of factory ammo.
    It just does the job.

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    Is the ground is passed for .22 and .20 CFs? If so I can't see why it won't get passed for .243. Have you asked your FEO?
    If you've really got to have a .22, .22-250 would be my choice.

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    you have the gun for the job 243 just load up lighter more explosive tips in it 55g if the ground is passed for one caliber why not 243 a 22/250 223 etc will still kill every thing you point it at as will your 243 i have bits of land that are pased for 7mm rem mag as long as your round is not going outside of your boundarey then whats the problem it matters not the caliber as long as you are a safe shot good back stops etc if the ground is passes for 22/250 then id state the case of its the same case just necked down if you have open ticket just shoot it with your 243 you deam wheater the ground is sutable not the police

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    My ticket is open the problem i have is the farmer has stated that the FEO says the land is not suitable for 243!!! He has asked that a stick by that. Strange a no but its his land at end of day. The farmer is quiet worried about the noise as well round near some boundaries thinks 22-250 243 are quiet loud. Best add be shooting out to 300 yards tops
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    If you want a quiet ,effective ,accurate round that's good out to 250 yards look no further than .222.

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    I am quite fond of the 222 REM as it's the first centerfire rifle cartridge I ever fired !
    Think I was at the wee age of 6 or 7 . And as a matter of fact that was my maternal grnadfathers grounhog rifle from 1958 until he passed 5 years ago and now it sits in one of my saves . I have been known to buy and sell a good bit that little 222 ain't gonna be one of those !

    Anyway thats my sentimental favourite !

    If that doesn't float your boat I'd suggest opting for a 204 Ruger or a 220 Swift !

    All three cartridges I am quite fond of !

    Nothing against the 22-250 as I have one of them as well just like the Swift better again for sentimental reasons !

    Lotta folks here on the forum and around where I lve are eat up with the 223 and for good reason . I've taken a pile of them over the years and worked up very accurate loads for them , but for some reason I just don't care for the cartridge .

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    For me as a dedicated foxing round it would have to be 220swift without doubt perfect!

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    well if your worried about noise then the swift is going to be as loud as a 22/250. i would just got for a 223

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay 22 View Post
    well if your worried about noise then the swift is going to be as loud as a 22/250. i would just got for a 223
    yes. Set up a lightweight .223 myself as a designated foxing calibre. Very efficient cartridge.

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