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Thread: atec maxim bush

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    atec maxim bush

    Does anyone use an atec maxim without the rear bush in place, or is it an integral part of the design?

    I was told by the proprietor of a well known shop that a lot of people don't bother boring out and fitting the rear bush. Call me a cynic, but I don't always believe everything I'm told in gun shops ;-)


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    I don't use it.
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    Nope don't use mine either. Couldn't use it actually, as the profile of my barrel is pretty big.

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    Thanks gents. On the assumption that neither of you has blown the end off your misaligned maxims, I should be ok when I get one!


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    I don't use mine.
    I did however get a friend of mine who is an engineer to bore mine out to 1mm over barrel diameter.
    i suppose if you knock it at the bush end without the bush in place it may cause some sort of damage.

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    Bushing isnt essential. It does not form part of the mechanical fixing - thats conpletely down to the threaded element. Just there to reduce crud ingress and acesetics ( that doesnt look right? ).

    If fitted then 1mm over size about right - certainly shouldn't be leaving one of those nasty wear marks on the barrel.

    Its a good moderator - we like them a lot. Just try to avoid the temptation to take them apart 10 times a week!
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