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Thread: calling muntjac

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    calling muntjac

    sitting up a highseat this morning trying for a fox using a fox call (ulimate fox call) and called in 5 muntjac. never had this much success when deliberatly targeting them with a deer call. Anyone else had this happen?
    Was interesting to observe the deer as I dont usually see a muntjac alive for more than a few seconds.

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    I've had a Roe Buck come running when squealing a fox (edge of Dartmoor) . I saw the fox and squealed using my hand, the fox came fast, out of the side of my vision I saw movement 20 yds away. And there was the buck. Wrong Calibre for the buck (3" 12guage with 42 oz BB) a sunny day about 3pm. Needless to say the fox's day ended and the buck sauntered off. Had the same happen in Worcs. and Stripey ran up. Anyone else seen that?

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    Hello Pete. Calling Muntjac is something of and enigma, which has intrigued me for years. What is an ultimate fox call and how were you using it ? I and many others on here use the Buttalo squeeze-bulb Roe call with varying success. I have called and shot numerous Muntjac over the last decade or so, but I have yet to discover how to call them consistently and whether particular conditions play a part. I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts and so would others I believe.

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    The ultimate fox call is a small plastic reed type call ,they cost around 12, I called 2 munties out of a small wood recently with it but they ignored the Buttalo !

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    Quote Originally Posted by unicorn71 View Post
    The ultimate fox call is a small plastic reed type call ,they cost around 12, I called 2 munties out of a small wood recently with it but they ignored the Buttalo !
    Unicorn71, that's very interesting. Can you tell us more regarding the method you used and the weather conditions/anything else that you think could have influenced the result ?

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    my thoughts based on limited experience of sitting without calling, targeting munties with buttolo, targeting foxes with fox call and targeting munties with fox call.

    I have had success with the buttolo although inconsistently regarding responce and I fell the results have been better on a warm still day.

    The fox caller CritR Call Wolfer's Harp - you can get them everywhere the game fairs do them for a fiver. worked on a few different occasions when used to call foxes in a rabbit in distress pattern. i have also had success with this Johnny Stewart Crit'r Distress Predator Call used in a rebbit distress pattern or specificaly for deer in a pheep pheep pheep pattern. These calls are higher in pitch to the buttolo (or rather can be made to call in a higher pitch by either biting down on the first one or squeezing the reed with the second one.

    After the rut I am going to try to target munties with the fox call in a more "traditional" deer call fashion. I will try all the calls in the rut but had most success last year with the nordic roe.

    I think it may end up a bit like fly fishing
    "whats the best fly?"
    "what else is good?"
    "dunno always fish the GRHE"

    I do think though that the buttolo pitch is a little lower than the other calls. I know you can adjut the buttolo but not enough to be as high as the reed calls.

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    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. Calling Muntjac is fascinating if not sometimes frustrating. I never seem to tire of trying as the outcome is so unpredictable. I look forward to your future posts on this subject. Best regards.

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    i was out with Stone when this video was shot, A muntie came to the fox caller call.


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