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Thread: Decent 1"med mounts

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    Decent 1"med mounts

    ​Sorry folks always seem to be on the scrounge! Anyone got some warne fixed 1"med for a picatinny rail or any other decent mounts that won't cost that much! Please pm if you have any otherwise will have to buy some new ones.

    Many thanks Rob

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    I think I have what you need Rob,

    it's late, but will dig them out tomorrow and quality check them, etc.

    I'd probably be hoping for something like 30-40, not sure if that would suit you of course.

    best regards,


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    Have a rummage Peter and let me know what you dig up! It will be much appreciated, as for price let me know what you have and im sure we can agree on something

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    tucks its bob
    got a new set of warne ones at home 20 there yours mate

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    riflecraft sell some really cheap vortex 3 stud picatiny mounts, they're only 19. got a set on my 308 and i cant fault them, ridiculous price for such a well made mount

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    Had a look at riflecrafts website there a bit tactical for me no one got some warne mediums gathering dust?........

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