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Thread: What scope to use on xbolt 243

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    What scope to use on xbolt 243

    Hi all

    Am a bit of a newby here. Have just bought my first ever stalking rifle,xbolt stainless in 243, and am desperately trying to decide on which scope to put on it, am on a budget of £300 to £450 this will be used around around farms for deer and fox, would consider second hand or new and have been looking at bushnell XLT 3*12*56 but not sure what to go for as there is so much choice. While i'm on here could someone give me a clue as to which rounds and grain to use. If i appear to be a total and complete novice, I am. Am even considering joining a shooting club. If anyone out there can give any help or advice. Am based in the Co Durham area. Thanks very much for any help or consideration. Richy

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    Hawke Endurance 3-12x50 IR sat well on mine. One of the best scopes I've owned.

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    I use a Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 on my .243 for the same type of shooting you are about to do, farm land etc and it works a treat. It will give you a higher mag than say a fixed 8x50 if you get foxes out that bit further which I often do. Should pick one up on here for around your budget, watch the classified section.
    Bullet wise Federal 100grn soft points will cover your deer and I have never had a fox complain yet. Drops em on the spot. Some will argue that this is too heavy a bullet for Fox and Roe but it works for me so i've no need to change it.



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    Minox ZA5 is all the scope you will need.

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    Meopta 3-12x50.seen one in classifieds today if its still available will do all you want and last forever

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    Thanks very much much appreciated

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    Hi Richy!
    A shooting club sounds like a great idea. That will alow you to "keep learning" on stalking and shooting and gets you into contact to other, a bit more experienced "rifle users".
    When you ask about the right rounds, its almost unbelievable, which amount of answers you may get. Every stalker has his preferences. You need a good knock down effect, a good wound channel and a round producing enough signs when hitting the animal (especially on a shot not so well placed).
    The round has to performe with your gun and be relieable and accurate.
    Start with a good quality, dont use too light rounds (easily effected by grass, brunches or the wind by longer ranges), use a round which comes from the bonded section. (Just my thoughts and hints)
    As for the scope: Go with the best quality you may get, a Meopta is a good advice, if possible a Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski, Kahles or S&B is even better, also you will have to work hard finding a used one fitting your amount of money, offered in the forums or e.g. eGun - Der Marktplatz ftzen und Angler (if you need help on here, send me a pm)....

    Good luck and welcome to the world of stalking and shooting, its a lot to learn every day, and even more practice, practice, practice!


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    Richy - I have the same rifle and put a second hand S&B 8x56 on it, if you shop around they can be picked up for £450 to £500. My x-bolt was fed on 100gr RWS and they worked well for my rifle but you will need to find what works well in yours.
    Enjoy the journey of discovery.
    ATB 243 Stalker
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    Wildboar is spot on & allso 243 s&b 8x56 .

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    Another vote for 6 x 42 or 8 x 56 Schmidt both fantastic value for money secondhand and fantastic scopes

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