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Thread: Tikka Picatinny Rails

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    Tikka Picatinny Rails

    Hi all, does anyone know which (if any) manufacturers offer a picatinny rail or picatinny two piece bases that fit onto Tikka dovetails?

    I'm drawing a blank at the mo.



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    Wouldn't they be the same as the older sako's or sako 75?
    I fitted a rail to my sako L579 last week.
    Roedale Precision supplies them in Aluminium or Steel.
    I'm sure they fit long and short action.
    He also has them advertised on e-gun.


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    Hi Edi, sadly the Sako receivers are different in that the dovetails taper whereas the tikka is a parallel dovetail. I think the Sako trg may use a parallel dovetail like the tikka though.

    Hmmm, theres a thought.



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    I have a T3 Tacticle that has a picatinny rail fitted, it can be removed, leaving the standard dove tail mount if desired. I believe you can order these from GKR. Not sure of the cost though


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    Try Richard Near at NEAR Manufacturing in Canada. The rail does not fit onto the dovetails on the M595 action, but is held in place with 4 x machine screws and appears to be very robust. The scope rings shown are by NEAR as well.

    The quality of the machining is 1st class IMHO, and the service from NEAR is excellent.

    Worth asking, as the design may have changed to fit the dovetails by now.


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    I've purchased from Richard before. As you say, service is 1st class.
    Will give him a try and see if he's made one for the action before.



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    Tikka list the rails in blued or stainless in there owner's manual you get with the gun. It in the back of the book in the spare part listings.

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