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Thread: Roe bucks in Sussex

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    Roe bucks in Sussex

    Hi all , we are a new team on the stalking directory offering Roebuck stalking on our 1000 acre estate in Sussex , with a good amount of representative bucks available we are confident you'll enjoy stalking with us .
    Whilst we are new here , deer stalking has been a source of income for us for more than 30 years , with a good management plan in place and an excellent stalker we are very pleased with our roe population .

    Here are our prices , they are not negotiable and the keepers word is final .

    Outing fee - 75
    pricket buck/ immature - 60
    Representative non medal mature buck -250

    Medal heads are occasionally available , by negotiation only .
    Venison is available at the current dealer prices and wounded , lost , and damaged venison will have to be payed for by the stalker .

    Most dates are available over the next few weeks for prime roe stalking, and ill advertise does closer to the time .

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    After a phenomenal couple of days of interest , all bucks now sold .

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