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Thread: Anyone used Gen 3 NV add on with either NightForce NXS or S&B PMII

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    Anyone used Gen 3 NV add on with either NightForce NXS or S&B PMII

    Hey lads, just as the title says, anyone used GEN3 with either make of scope, planning on doing a scope upgrade soon and want to know which will work good with gen 3 as well as being really good for daytime/dusk/dawn.
    Will be going on a custom 6.5x47 Lapua.


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    seen one a pm 2...on 25 mag what can I say is

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    I have used my Gen3 PVS-14 with my S&B PMII 5-25, the image is good but my only reservation is the size and weight of the unit, the PMII is already one the longest & heaviest scopes out there, by the time you add a DSA and NV, you have one seriously unwieldy bit of kit.

    I also struggled to get mine far enough forward to give enough clearance.

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    I'm with Anthony on this - a PMII is a chunky piece of kit. When on a full on sniper rifle, it goes with the territory, but it makes for a lump when forcing. Great scope though. Nightforce do the job more than adequately - I've used both the 3.5-15 and the 5.5-22 variants and they work across the mag range. They do benefit from additional IR at higher mags, but then that is true of all scopes.

    On the LoP issue, I now use a GRS stock and can get a good and comfortable cheek weld with the PVS attached - and can then shorten it for use without the PVS at the press of a button. Great bit of kit.
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    pvs should not be a issue at 10 ounces...cant think off another mono that works better and had most

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    I bought a NF 8x32x56 with zero stop last year to use with my cobra gen 2+ but found the scope of poor vision quality as the parallax didn't come close enough gen 2 and + need to parallax down to 25yds to give a good image under about 120m I also tried a SB three years ago and this too didn't focus close enough good scopes other than this though. I'd check b4 you buy?

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    No problem with the focus on a PMII, they go down to 10 yards at max mag.

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