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Thread: Mink with terriers

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    Mink with terriers

    Hi gents how am I fixed for using terriers to catch mink? I've been looking but can't see anything that says I cant?

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    Thought it was strictly rats and rabbits now, fox when protecting game birds, maybe wrong usually am!

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    can't catch them with the tykes but you can use two to flush to a gun.

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    I used to dig quite a few with the terriers, but not sure on the legal side of it now but you normally find they end up in a tree so take a 4-10 with you, we had some artificial otter earths on our bit (slightly different to an artificial fox sett) and they always held mink but we don't touch them now as the otters have made a come back

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    I did wonder if the rule was similar to fixes where yiu could flush them to guns..... Think I'll phone the NGO later and see

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    Mink can only be located and flushed using up to two dogs in England and Wales, a pack can still be used in Scotland. Must be flushed to be shot rather than killed by the dogs.

    Be very careful using terriers around rocky coastal areas, if they are trapped in a crevice at low water they can be drowned as the tide comes in.

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    google 2004 hunting act its all there in black and white

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    Word from the NGO was that it's the same rules as foxes two dogs above ground or one below ground to flush to nets or guns

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