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    hi guys i have just become a part time keeper on a small ish shoot . i was wondering what you boys do to deter buzzards from taking poults from pens and wood . cheers any advice would be gratefull

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    Had a little success with old CDs hung from branches in and near the pens.
    One thing I always did was made my feed rides twisty so that birds of prey didn't get a straight run at the poults as they fed giving the poults a little more of a chance should they get hassled.

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    x2 when i ran a small farm shoot i used cds and also sometime just stndard scarecrows made from broom handle and plactic sacks , ive since wondered if a plastic eagle owl would deter buzzards ?? as eagle ows killl all other birds of prey, another very old but stilluseful trick to keeping your poults safe is to have a couple of gineua fowl around the pen!! great warnng system

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    The estate where I was a trainee had guinea fowl at the pens.I hated the bloody things but yes,they are excellent "watch dogs".
    Don't know about the plastic owl idea.Should work in theory

    And a +1 for the scarecrow too

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    I think the cd's work to some extent, i tied baler twine inbetween branches/trees like a washing line and hung cd's in the middle of open sunny areas, we also added a load of brash to give them plenty of cover in the more open areas and extended 1 pen to give them a bit more room. It definately helped anyway. Some shoots use radios too

    Never been on a shoot with guinea fowl but i know some keepers who say there actually a bad thing as go up to roost afore the pheas and there calling can keep/scare pheasants of the roost. Has anyone else heard this?

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    Absolutely nothing!

    Ok not strictly true but I hate the sight of pens adorned with all all kinds of litter!!!!!

    Firstly, make sure the habitat in your pen is right. 1/3 ground cover is the GWCT recommendation and can be anything from a bracken and nettles through to laurels, lonicera, dead hedging and brash or even laid elder and Hazel or just some good thick long grass.

    Secondly, think about where you place feeders and how many you have. Week one, I have one hopper per fifty poults and place them along the edges of all the cover so the poults can feed quickly and safely. At least half of these should be Mannolas as they will recognise them and be able to shelter from buzzards under the rim of the lid.

    Thirdly, find a supplier that can supply you with fit, strong, alert and well feathered poults. This is most important I'd say. It's also more important than size/age. I used to get more 8/9week old poults taken at my old shoot than I do 6.5/7 week old poults where I am now because they're being released into much nicer pens in terms of habitat.

    I had my first poults this week on Thursday and despite having a pair of buzzards in all three woods, I've only lost 1 poult out of 6000! And that was on day one and was a bit of a runt anyway.

    I do leave a lot of dead rabbits on the maize plots this time of year too to try and make sure the buzzards all have full crops!!

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    thanks for all the feedback lads , the rabbit population is definatley less this year so i think they will be turning there attention to my poults for an easy meal. i could shoot rabbits and from other areas and br ing them in do you think it is a good way of keeping them away from the poults

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    Around my pheasant pens I put the little windmills that people have in their gardens (think its a kids toy as well?) I found that this deters the birds of prey as they are constantly moving and also that if you use the metallic versions of these windmills and move them a few feet every couple of days it really deters the buzzards. They seem to work really well especially if you put them at the top of the posts around the pen.
    Good luck
    ​ stacey
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