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Thread: Perfect evening

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    Perfect evening

    Had a cracking weekend , ruined this evening by the mother in law . Bloody old cow .
    Anyway was feeling like I needed to get out so I toyed with the idea of going for a stalk , call me a numpty but I hate killing deer whilst angry , to be it just ruins the hole experience and I find myself feeling bad about it . What did the deer do right ?

    Anyhow I recently bought a very old Brno no 1 .22lr with a very old tasco scope and a Parker hale mod with 100 sub son rds for £100
    i was very happy with it already due to the numerous bunnies it had accounted for !

    So I slung that on my back and off I trotted for a couple of hour stroll , not a good start , as I missed a bunny at about 70 yards , with a few stalking trips booked , a good number of bucks left to account for and numerous foxys waiting for the hay to be cut so I can shoot them again I really shouldn't be missing this sort of shot . Bugger said I .

    I carried on my merry way swearing about the old bitch bumping many a rabbit and being generally unproductive . I decided to head home across some of our wheat . ( the thinnest crop I've ever seen , just to make my evening )

    when all of a sudden a sir Charles steps out in front of me about 60 meters further up the tramline . And he stands looking , as they do . I shouldered the rifle , let the shot go and pinned him straight behind the shoulder . Down he went so I banged another in for good measure before walking up to him . Where he lay dead !

    Im over the moon , those who shoot with me no how I rely on my sticks , but it just felt like a very instinctive shot . And it was dead on target which for me is a first ! A big smile on my face and one less fox to contend with . And just goes to show , spending thousands on your gear won't bring you success . ( no reason not to do it mind !)

    now what to do with the dead fox ? Butcher it and give it to her as diced venison ?!

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    Well done, Waidmannsheil!
    I am not too confident, if the butchering thing is a good idea at all...
    But maybe its just worth a try..?


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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