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Thread: Knife Laws - an example

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    Knife Laws - an example

    For information I respectfully direct members to have a look at -

    Without wishing to inject inappropriate levity - it is nice to see that other interest groups carry the same ratio's of disinterest, barrack room legal eagles, didnt understand the question, NIMBY and outraged of Basingstoke as SD does!

    Seriously - timely reminder of how similar rather than how different we collectively are.

    Must also note the established position with such posts on here - only one side of story told etc. So for purposes of this thread, I'm only taking things at face value, yet appreciate the problems with that.

    Its a long thread, so useful to concentrate on OP and his further post made today at 9.30 AM.

    I come across a number of people who honestly believe that things are pretty ok legal wise at present and it is better not to rock boats as things can only get worse. It is a perfectly arguable position to hold. In the meantime, one by solitary and lonely one people have their lives turned upside down.

    If things were as stated by the Op - did the legislators have any intention of this as an outcome when they framed the law? Are we as society one iota more secure as a result of this application of that law?

    Since adding what was a genuine idea regards knife issue within changes to Firearms licensing etc, I'll confess ( Andy here ) that the matter has exercised some thought. On checking the various online petitions etc all I have found are several calls for tighter controls - verging zero tolerence at a level that would be unenforceable.

    Is it just me going off on one ( who just whispered 'he means another one' at the back? ). What do others think? Is there a practicable solution that could be put forward for consideration? To be clear please lets not go down the Katana in a back sheath personal defence etc line. I'm thinking of daily carry - in sensible places etc - of a Leatherman, Swiss Army knife. Carriage of a fixed blade in a 4x4 for humane despatch, freeing trapped sheep, saw to cut road blocking trees etc etc


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    This is very emotional for some people and shows how if you are poor you have no defence in our current system & justice for all is a myth it's only there if you can afford it!
    A solution is simple it's Common Sense, but human nature doesn't endow us all with it and various other factors come into play.
    I don't think any present or future government will repeal the law or provide a full legal service for the average joe as its not what they want under their control agenda and they have cut legal aid to impossible levels for justice to prevail.
    The big organisations won't challenge these things because for some it's not what their about but watch this space it's a slippery slope and you will be next & it will be too late then, some are also in the governments pockets or are now only interested in publicity or saving money to fund the wages of their paid staff, yes we may get a licensing system or concessions for FAC/SCH but that won't give justice to the masses just alienate us more & make us more of a target for some.
    I don't know the answer I think it's always going to be difficult one but maybe a simple licence for people with reason would suffice application sent and CCard style licence issued if you have shown due reason & CRB is ok but done instantly like tax disc in PO. I realy can't see any real solution without the will to change from the powers that be and I don't think it's there.

    P.S. not all doom & gloom at least we have guns if we can't have a knife.

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    Have I missed the point here???.....he says he was going for a walk....did he really need all of those blades?after all we arent talking swiss army pocket knife etc are we!!!........i am quite confident that I can argue the legitimacy of my knives for stalking,when i am stalking....otherwise i leave them at home.....TIN HAT READY,if needed!!

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    not my cup of tea to go romping about with axes and knives (guns and ammo, Yes!)
    but if he was off camping with a rucksack would it be more justifiable?!

    I take issue with any "law" which is so ambiguous yet enforced to the point of filling our courts with ridiculous cases like this.

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    I have to say, as with many of these 'my god the police/the law is an ass' threads, I very strongly suspect there is more to it than the OP is willing to admit.

    I once forgot that my stalking knife was still on my belt and wandered into Kinross services, and a bobby going the other way just pointed to it, raised an eyebrow and pointed at my car. Point made, no bad feelings, no hassle.

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    ​As far as I'm concerned, the classic scenario applies here - he accepted a warning (ie. a caution) to make it all go away!

    Read and digest:

    A Survival Guide For Decent Folk | Nightjack Archive

    Watch and learn (US, but the lessons largely remain the same)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    I have to say, as with many of these 'my god the police/the law is an ass' threads, I very strongly suspect there is more to it than the OP is willing to admit.

    I once forgot that my stalking knife was still on my belt and wandered into Kinross services, and a bobby going the other way just pointed to it, raised an eyebrow and pointed at my car. Point made, no bad feelings, no hassle.
    Trouble with that one is, maybe, you would be putting it in the car possibly unattended, also the car is actually a public place in law, so he wasn't doing you any favours either way.
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    I don't really have an answer for this,very very easy for us to fall foul of the law on this one,maybe some sort of licensing system for those with a legitimate need for a knife, but how would you police it and what would define legitimate need.

    Its ok for us when we are actually stalking, the problem for us is transportation, especially us that are away from home for several days at a time as I say Ok when stalking but between stalks stuck in the glove box as many of us do IS NOT OK in the eyes of the law

    Andy or anyone else know if keeping in a locked box (safe) in the vehicle would satisfy the law.

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    The fact is that the law has changed so some people need to adapt their former behaviour or risk the consequences.

    Deer stalking or game fishing are good reasons to carry a fixed blade. Randomly taking one for a walk probably is not, even if you do want to carve a stick in some random piece of woodland that you don't own en route... I think you would be pushing your luck to routinely carry a fixed blade in your car on the off-chance that you might randomly hit a deer and or see a trapped sheep! But there is nothing to stop you carrying a sub-3in blade swiss army knife as long as the blade does not lock and you aren't out to use it as a weapon...

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    could we have a small add on to our FAC/SGC saying it's ok were responsible enough to have sharp pointy things about our person?

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