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Thread: The unusual life of a stud dog owner!

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    The unusual life of a stud dog owner!

    I must say, I have had some unusual days but this day has been very unusual.

    Had a chap call me to use my Malinois dog at stud on his Mali bitch. He asked me if by any chance I lived on a farm. Suspiciously I said yes.

    He replies, great, I will fly her over in my helicopter.

    Anyway today at 3.00pm a million pound helicopter lands in my back yard.

    Chap gets out with his son and the dog and the guy who was piloting for him is going to set off to get some fuel from the local airfield.

    He comes over and urges my wife and youngest daughter to get in the helicopter and go for a fly around the local area.

    Back they come 30 mins later full of it.

    Told him my other daughter is now going to be mortified. He replies, never mind when we come back up we will take her for a fly around, no problem.

    The guy is really nice, down to earth, worked hard and made it big.

    The unusual life of a stud dog owner!


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    I luv that story
    when i was working for a gundog breeder in the early days, a client brought his bitch in by chooper
    landed it in the field next to the kennels and then requested some one keep an eye on it as he did not want the cows licking or rubbing up against it
    so i took the bitch in question to be mated off him and left him to it
    don't think he realised i was being serious at first
    but he gaurded his chopper well

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