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Thread: Yukon Photon has arrived - Unboxing with images and now VIDEO

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    Yukon Photon has arrived - Unboxing with images and now VIDEO

    Hello all,

    After much waiting, changed delivery dates, time delays the first of our Yukon Photon's arrived into stock today.

    Only a small number of the quantity we have on order arrived, and those are now shipping today to customers, so if we have called you, you know its on the way!

    We have been using a Photon demo unit for weeks now, and have now only been able to publish the video which you will find below, as demand was already huge Pulsar thought the video being launched would create even more demand for something we they were still to ship.

    Demo footage from TV advert.

    Here is the first ever unboxing of a production unit.

    Yukon Photon 5x42 Digital Night Vision - Product Packaging outer

    Inside the box you find a typical Pulsar/Yukon carry case which is padded to protect optics in transit.

    The Photon unboxed with accessories inc video lead, lens cap and manual

    Photon close up image with protective case

    Photon with lens cap fitted.

    Accessory ports exposed for video recorder output and for external battery pack, also note the brightness dial which also acts as on/off

    Powered by 2 x AA batteries housed inside roof mounted cover

    Objective lens and built in IR laser

    Accessory rail for attachment of IR illuminator, or EPS3 battery. (Our demo unit has a Nightmaster on here now)

    Showing tactical style adjustment turrets and construction of Night Vision mated with Yukon Craft riflescope

    Easy to use Objective lens focus

    Video we did for the Kelso Stalking Fair which includes Yukon Photon footage, albeit not hunting images as we worked at short notice.
    If you skip to 3min 20sec where the Night Master section is, that was all filmed with Photon.

    Find out more about the new Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision Riflescope on our website.

    Or click here to go right to the

    More units apparently shipping towards end of the month.

    Best Regards

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    do you think i shall get mine before Aug
    atvb paul
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    We expect more to be dispatched later this month at the factory so if you have paid a pre order deposit you may even get one in June, but most definately sometime in July.

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    whaa whooo
    thank you

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    My shooting buddy is hoping to get his today and with any luck we'll be trying it out tomorrow night - cant wait!! Out of interest what is the retail on these please?

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    Hi Dodder

    They are 399.99 with a max detection range of 190m (man sized object ideal conditions)

    Given the NS200 is now over 600, the Photon represents fantastic value for money.

    Here is our demo video

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Country View Post
    Hi Dodder

    They are 399.99 with a max detection range of 190m (man sized object ideal conditions)

    Given the NS200 is now over 600, the Photon represents fantastic value for money.

    Here is our demo video


    Went out with my buddy last night who had just got his and mounted it on a .22 Hornet. We sighted it in during daylight and while the day picture is a little grainy (as you would expect) it was perfectly acceptable for shooting at sensible ranges (given it is only 5 power magnification). I think the reticle choice suits the unit perfectly. Before it got dark he had a couple fo rabbits with headshots at 70-80yds with no bother at all.

    We tried it just as it was getting dark (10.15pm ish), when you could just about see farm animals in the field at 80-100yds, so conditions very good. I have to say I completely disagree with the above quote 'max detection range of 190m (man sized object ideal conditions)'. Thats nonsense - it was WAY better than that! We were able to clearly see rabbits at 250+yds running about as black dots against a much lighter background and it was certainly a good bit clearer and sharper than his Yukon Ranger Digital Monocular.

    As you can imagine we were all well impressed and I have to say the build quality looks absolutely excellent - far, far better than I had expected. It certainly wouldnt look amiss on the most expensive rifle.

    This is now the next thing on my Christmas list, but the trouble is I'm going to need one each for FAC Air, .22rf and then a centrefire calibre - any chance of a discount for a glowing report Paul?

    ATB Dodder

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    Hello and thank you for your post dodder.

    i am impressed you got on so well with the unit, I also feel that it does remarkably well and the performance for the cost is brilliant.

    Give me a call tommorow and we can have a chat about the unit if you are free.

    I was filmed today by a pro cameraman discussing the features etc so hope to share that soon too.
    Best Regards


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    TV advert filmed yesterday for the Yukon Photon 5x42

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    can you let us all know how it performs in normal daylight conditions etc.

    kind regards

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