Specialist one-to-one DSC1 training South of Scotland and Northern England

Many DSC1 candidates who are not great studiers find that preparing for their assessments is really tough and don't like the classroom setting. Iím now in a position to offer one-to-one tuition or small group training for those people who would really benefit from it. This training can be at the location you feel most comfortable in whether itís the home or even down the pub! The tuition will really focus on getting you clued up to pass the assessment only options or take a full course being far more relaxed and enjoy it.

This training is exactly the same level of material as I use for DSC1 courses but aimed at those guys that donít like the classroom environment. My training style works well for all and as the testimonials suggest I'll look after you. You would be provided with pre-training reading and deer ID cd to get you well on your way before the training starts.

Training is £60 for a 5 hour session with two sessions being the same as my full course DSC1. From just two sessions and a bit of time to let it sink in you would be ready to do your DSC1 as assessments only at any assessment centre you fancy!

PM me for more details, cheers