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Thread: FFP scopes and night vision

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    FFP scopes and night vision

    Hi guys, looking at buying a vortex viper PST, and wondering if anyone has any experience using a detachable night vision such as a nitesite ns200 with a front focal plane reticle. Disregarding this issue, I am pretty set on shelling out the extra for the FFP, seems worth it for the consistent range estimation/aim points throughout the magnification range. I just use my nitesite a lot, and want a scope that will work with it.

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    I have a Viper PST -recently acquired- and so far like it very much, but I'm not sure about using it with NV as the reticle is quite fine unless you dial up the magnification to 10X or above, which can make the image in the NV too dark/grainy to be workable. This, however, is just a guess re. the Nite Site (I don't have one) and I have yet to try it with my Archer either. (You've got me wondering now, so I'll get out and try it at the next opportunity1).

    Generally, though, at the limited ranges <250m at which quarry can be confidently identified, a flat-shooting foxing calibre should work fine with a much simpler reticle and without the need for FFP or a ranging, which IMO come into their own at longer range and when adjusting for a quick second shot may be an asset in the event of a miss.

    P.S. For NV use with a rimfire I use a cheap Hawke Airmax with a SFP ranging reticle calibrated at 6X and this does an excellent job.

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    Ironically I have had the best results with my cheap leapers 3-12x44 compact scope on my .22lr. Works great with the NV as it has a nice thick reticle and seems to focus really easily. I guess it is somewhat a matter of luck what the NS200 will get on with, trial and error.

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