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Thread: newbe to reloading rcbs

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    newbe to reloading rcbs

    Not reloaded before watched alots of dvds and resd a few books
    I have not bought a kit yet are the rcbs turret kits any good only want to
    Reload 243 at the moment

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    Why a turret for one caliber?~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    Why a turret for one caliber?~Muir
    More chance in getting movement/flex when seating and resizing. Get a good quality single stage, set up your dies and away you go.
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    Just watching that girl reload her jeans is very addictive

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe soapy View Post
    Just watching that girl reload her jeans is very addictive
    definitely my kind of reloading.
    nothing wrong with a bit of flex there either!

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    ok I may go single stage press then are the kits form opticwarehouse any good

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    Opticswarehouse good company to deal with.

    Kits - value for money depends what you are looking for. I am not a particular fan of Lee (particularly the safety scales) but for a starter kit they take some beating and you will get most of your money back at a later date should you decide to buy something better. Personally I don't think that the kits of other makers don't particularly represent good value for money and I would be inclined to just buy the basics and add to it gradually over the coming years.
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    Having been up to visit Mark at last week I can say he'll definitely be able to sort you out with a complete set-up including any secondhand gear he has in stock and offer sound advice (When he's not up to his ears in pheasants! Lol!)

    And he's made some good reloading vids which are on youtube.
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    You may find the following useful:

    New to relaoding
    Scroll down to post #5.


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    Theres lot of used good condition reloading stuff on here just look through the for sale ads
    You can save a small fortune and get better quality from the outsett.
    If you carry on reloading shooting you will not regret getting the better quality stuff now and if you want to sell it you probably won't loose anything on it as prices are going up all the time.
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