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Thread: Is this normal

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    Is this normal

    Some time ago I was given some 100, 129, and 160 grain 65x55 bullets . So with advice from the forum on suitable loads, I loaded three bullets of each powder weight (min - max) and set off to test them . The maximum distance I could get the target board out to was 80m , so off the bipod I test fired
    each round . To my surprise all of the rounds grouped well ( the maximum loads being the most accurate ) with out having to alter the scope ?
    So now I can use any weight of bullet knowing that my point of aim is accurate , is this normal?

    comments please .

    ps 160 grain was the most accurate

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    Weight is not the only issue, bearing surface & material in some cases can alter things substantially.
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    A couple of comments. When I am testing loads or practicing, I don't change my stalking zero, I just shoot for a group. Secondly, before using these rounds for stalking, I would suggest checking where they are going at 150-200 yds and then sight your bullet of choice to be 1 inch high at 100yds.
    Regards JCS

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    No such thing as "normal" with rifles and loads!

    case in point, I have 3 loads for my .222

    50gr VMax moderate charge
    52gr AMax slightly higher charge
    60gr Soft Point lower than moderate charge

    the 60gr "zero" 2" higher than the faster lighter bullet

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    But is it a repeatable group? I've test loads in the past which have produced a cloverleaf group, loaded up more of the same load and they open up to over an inch, consistency is the key. After confirming at least another two groups I would follow the advice given above and test them at other ranges

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    3 shots is only enough to give an indication that they might group well and nothing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    3 shots is only enough to give an indication that they might group well and nothing more.
    I don't agree. If I get two shots holding the same elevation and less than half an inch apart at 100yds or further, then as 'see it shoot it stated earlier, I know I am heading in the right direction. That's not to say I won't retest the load again (and again) but I prefer to use statistics rather than brute force.

    ​Regards JCS

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    As Brit states 3 shots are not enough for a true evaluation.
    The greater number of units used in the process, the more accurate the result.
    Results may not be the same should a light barrel be used, heavies are more tolerant of minor component changes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stag1933 View Post
    As Brit states 3 shots are not enough for a true evaluation....
    I still don't agree. I thought everyone used statistics to correct their group size for the number of shots fired, as per the following article -
    Surely a little bit of statistics is much easier than wasting time and powder?

    Regards JCS

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    5 shot groups are the only true test of shooter/rifles ability and tell you a lot more then just 3.
    As for ther OPs question most bullet weights will group near to each other at close range, its as the distance increses that you will see the impact point of each bullet weight disipate


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