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Thread: Blaser R8 Professional 6.5x55 cw Z6i For Sale

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    Blaser R8 Professional 6.5x55 cw Z6i For Sale

    Morning chaps... didn't expect to be doing this... well.. ever really but I have been backed into a corner and have no choice. I have had a major financial catastrophe here which means I am going to have to sell up and take a 12 month hiatus from shooting & stalking (with my own kit anyway!) So with that in mind My R8 Pro is for sale...

    This is a 48 hour advert only, I don't have the luxury of lying in wait on this one. Chris at Swillington has offered me a fair buyback price and will be going over tomorrow or Thursday to finalise but in the meantime just want to offer it up to SD members. Under the circumstances and timeframe available to me I will not/cannot split so need to sell as a complete package..

    Blaser R8 Pro in 6.5x55 with the standard weight factory screw cut barrel - Just over a year old and bought as a package from Swillington, in mint condition and treated like a baby with less than 200 rounds through her. She is complete with Swarovski 2nd Gen Z6i 2.5-15x56 BT on Swaro Rail and Blaser saddle mount, again, all absolutely mint. Also included is the Trident Moderator and a Peli Storm iM3100 flight case.
    All told even at best negotiated prices you would be looking at more than 4,700 for this lot. I will let it go, complete for 3,399 (no offers) face to face or RFD to RFD at your expense. I can only keep this open for 48 hours and then it's off to Swillington so if you are interested... be quick!

    PM me if you want some pics or have any questions.

    Thanks for looking guys..
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