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Thread: Blaser + Sauer

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    Blaser + Sauer

    I had a Blaser R93 for a few years in mid nineties and was very happy with the handling and ease of barrel change etc. Also the selling points for me were the manual cocking safety and the best trigger I have used . However after a couple of seasons it started to misfire, letting me down badly several times. The bolt was replaced 3 times and although not as often it still misfired now and then, so I got rid of it and changed to a Sauer 202 which has never let me down.

    I was so fond of the safety and trigger on the Blaser I am getting tempted to try one again in 6.5x55 or .30-06.

    Has any one in recent years had any similar problems?

    Any thoughts on Blaser vs Sauer?

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    Hi Evolution
    I've owned lots of Blasers, never had a problem with any of them.
    The only time I've come across misfires with them is with homeloads where the shoulder has not been pushed back enough.

    As you know when you close the bolt on a Blaser it closes in a couple of stages if the case is too tight that last stage doesn't always click home (just like a very tight bolt on a standard action) resulting in a closed bolt which will click just like a misfire.
    I've only had this on my .243, I screwed my resizing die in a bit more and never had a problem since.

    I've also seen it with two friends (father & son) they both have Blasers the bolt on the ones gun you could close with one finger the other required a bit more pressure, resulting in the father (with sons rifle) lining up on a stag and click. If he had put a fraction more forward pressure on the bolt to close it the last stage it would have been fine.


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    It is little bits of vital info like this that make this site so useful, what a money saver this one is! 8)

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    I canít comment on the sauer but my blaser which I think is about 12 - 13 years old has never let me down, it goes out in all conditions and gets really crappy at times, I bought it as a 10 year old .308 and soon afterwards chopped in my .243 prohunter for a .243 blaser barrel. The barrels interchange perfectly and itís never missed a beat. Iíve used my .243 barrel in someone elseís stock and bolt when we wanted to use both of my calibers/ammo and that functioned perfectly. Iíve shot blasers in .243, 25-06, 6.5 x 55, .270, .308 and 30-06 and all have shot in exactly the same place, whoever was shooting Ė they just seem so consistent and accurate. Iím going to try one next week in 22-250 and pitch it against my .243 to see which is the best calibre, and Iím looking forward to trying one in .375 if I get the chance.

    As you know the blaser cocking device is perfect, and when theres more than one gun around you donít have to worry about the position of the other persons safety catch Ė and the straight pull action is second to none when things get fast and furious and multiple shots have to be let go in quick succession Ė none of that scope canting and trying to catch up with the target, save that for the turn bolt brigade.

    Someone said to me only yesterday ďwhen Iím hanging out of your truck window with a normal gun/safety Ė that gives me a bad feeling, when Iíve got the blaser in my hand thatís a good feeling, I know its safe until Iím ready to go and I know the bullet is going where its meant to goĒ

    Ps. Iím looking to re-home a second stock and bolt at the moment so if you know of an unloved one Ė send it round, Iíll give it a good home.

    Yours sincerely

    The R93 fan club (west berks branch)
    (tikka T3ís are ok too!!)

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    Blaser vs Sauer

    I use a Sauer 202 Outback cant fault it, the lads i shoot with use Sauer 90 stutzens, 202 Outback, 202 Elegance and 202 classic synthetic, none of them have had any trouble with there rifles.

    Only know a couple of people who use the Blaser and they find them a very good rifle.

    It all comes down to personal preference, you will have a very good rifle whether you go for a Sauer or a Blaser both quality rifles.


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    There's a cheap R93 30-06 in the classifieds, I have seen this rifle and it's a gem.

    At £2000 with the mounts it's a serious bargin as it's brand new.


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    Two words, SAKO .270Win

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    I have both and both are superb quality. I have only fired 35 shots in my new .243 Blaser and I am totally in luuurve. ...... accurate with factory ammo and perfect trigger.....fiddly magazine to load though, but what the hell its just practice.

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    flytyer and finnbear, you are on the wrong site. try here

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