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Thread: Mauser 225

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    Mauser 225

    Can anyone shed any light on the mauser 225 rifles ? Any info at all appreciated !

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    I read about these not too long ago whilst researching the M66 slide action. I don't recall much, nor did I save the links, but as far as I gathered in the 80's Mauser may have used the Voere action as the M225, because they rescued or bought out Voere after becoming insolvent. My understanding is they just re-branded the Voere as a Mauser for a set period, which became known as the 99 in the US??? but it wasn't actually a Mauser designed or manufactured action.

    I think it was/may have been made on the basis of the rather unsuccesful M66 slide/telescopic action, which was a front runner in design for straight pull bolts. of couse, the 225 action is a traditional bolt action, and the rest of the rifle and stock, etc. looks like it's just a 66,,with the Voere action,,which by design looks a tad like the turn bolt version of the M66.

    do you have one?

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    Hi Peter , how are you keeping , no I don't own one , but I have seen one in .243 for a very low price ! Are they a poor quality rifle ?

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    Hi Andy,

    ~All well thanks :-)

    Voere were/are very good actions, so I can only assume they are very good tbh. I've never handled one (225)I have to admit. Then, I think Mauser had Heym produce a line of actions too,,they were not all 'in house Mausers'.

    most important two things you want to know are: headspace and barrel condition..if both are ok, you can get it to both shoot and look beautiful. headspace can be corrected, but a shot out barrel is going to set you back a penny.

    buying 2nd hand is always a risk, but if the seller can get an RFD or decent gunsmith to check those two by using go-no go gauges and inspect the barrel for crown condition, pitting, and general 'wear', you can get quite far.

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    Had a mauser mod 225 in 243 for a couple of year before selling it to my mate, the rifle was very well built with one of the nicest feeling bolt action i have ever felt (better than the sako and tikka that i own). it shot very well with any weight of bullet ( i tried everything for 58 vmax to 100sp) and i do truly miss it, the only problem i had was finding a set of mounts to suit and ended up buying set of apel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tig_mig View Post
    was finding a set of mounts to suit and ended up buying set of apel.
    so another 400 then :-) LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    so another 400 then :-) LOL
    Not quite but still an added expense which did make my eyes water LOL.

    Can also add that when i said that i was selling it my mate jumped at the chance as he knew that the rifle was a quality bit of kit,

    PKL is correct the rifle is a voere model called a titan or titan 2
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    Mauser at that point was well into "Badge" engineering. Most of their sporting rifle line up at the time was made by other manufacturers like Voere and if I recall correctly Heym.

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    Arre they any good Brit ?

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