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Thread: Pool towels & sunloungers?

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    Pool towels & sunloungers?

    We have an old fashioned galv dustbin lid upturned & filled with water, & a brick in the centre, every other breed of bird has just been booted off.... by about fifty baby starlings having their first bathing lessons!
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    Your so lucky. I haven't seen a resident starling around here for years

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    Luckily a pair and 6 youngsters hoovering up the fat blocks today, good to see.
    Unfortunately about 100 assorted crow types too.

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    Never seen as many Magpies as this year. The Trees in the back Gardens of our Avenue are full of them. They raid any Songbirds nest and take the Chicks. Two Blackbirds put up a valiant fight but to no avail. We now have no Birds coming to the feed table and i will be damned if i am feeding Magpies.


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    yorkie why don't you feed them in a larsen trap
    a barony original

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    Quote Originally Posted by landkeeper View Post
    yorkie why don't you feed them in a larsen trap
    I really would like a way of disposing of them but living in an Urban environment makes it awkward. I suspect the Neighbours would object to the Air Rifle too.


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    I have been controlling magpies/crows/squirrels from my kitchen window for many years with a silenced PCP air rifle. I am fortunate that said window is about 8 feet from the ground and I only shoot downwards into the garden which is all lawn. Magpies and crows very seldom land and those that do, don't last long. There are now very few squirrels. I have a lot of small birds coming to my feeder.
    As long as you avoid shooting when there are neighbours around to hear and use a silenced air rifle, you will probably be ok. Provided that you are the landowner and no pellets cross the boundary, there can be no problem, it's your land, neighbours notwithstanding. You will have to make certain that there is a good backstop at all times, though, and that your safety angles of fire are well defined.

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    I live in a Bungalow . How could a person justify shooting Magpies in a Garden under the General License? Protection of other species?


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    I too live in a bungalow and over the years have shot some maggies with my HW80.
    This year I have employed a Larsen trap and taken care of only 3 maggies.
    This however has been enough to get the housemartins back after 4years absence due to the previous nests being demolished by the maggies
    I had to inform the local wildlife officer of said trap in order to get a trap number to identify it as a legal trap.
    I stated it was for the protection of other nesting birds and he had no problems with that.

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    16 less magies in my back garden thanks to Larsen trap. The 2 carrions dispatched with a .22 superdomes. Lots of birds in garden.


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