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    introduction by a new member

    I'm an annual visitor to the UK from America and as a younger man used to use a 30-06 (30 ought 6), now just firing range rifles. This site was recommended to me as I will be traveling to the Scottish Highlands August 16-20 2013 and would like to spend one day stalking a red deer buck for the experience and to bring home a trophy. Kinlochbervie is where I'll be (Badcall specifically, well north of Ullapool) and have a vehicle so could drive up to 2 hours to hunt (as early or late as needed). Ideally one day, whether lucky or not; ready to pay for a shot, an animal and trophy as becomes possible. Would need the use of a gun but understand paperwork needs to be filed from here in the US. Any help is appreciated. With gratitude in advance, Robert

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    Thanks for the quick help!

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    Robert, I believe you would be able to use the "estate rifle" facility we have in this country. No doubt others on this forum can, and will, amplify.

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    Welcome to the site,

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