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    hoppes 9

    Guys, just been looking on tinernet, whats your thoughts on hopes 9 solvent and the same in lubricating oil, and while we are at it whats your thoughts on a rifle bore snake, thanks in advance.
    Regards Neil

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    They removed the Benzene from No9 a good few years back on the basis that it was carcinogenic. I believe that if a rat drank a pint over a heavy weekend its chances of cancer increased by almost 3%.

    I have used the old and the new. The old worked.

    The boresnake is a useful bit of kit so long as you do not ruin your muzzle crown by using it,

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    I used to use Kleenbore cleaning fluid. Found an old, part full, can that I'd left unused for ten to fifteen years. Since the handgun ban.

    The stuff had EATEN through the metal container it was in! It was even better than any and all Hoppe's!

    Oh, and yes, they banned it fact they banned it before they banned Hoppe's.

    A friend who knows about chemicals looked at the contents label and nearly dropped off his chair. Good as they were we are probably safer now it is banned.
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