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Thread: Which 7mm bullet?

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    Which 7mm bullet?

    Hi all,

    I'm soon to start reloading for my newly aquired kombi in 12/76 - 7x57R.

    I was wondering if you could give me some advice on bullet choice, I'm not interested in the premium stuff, as this will be used primarily for roe deer at a velocity of around 775 m/s.

    So far I have stumbled across the following at my local hunting store:

    Sierra 7mm 140grs SPT Pro Hunter
    Sierra 7mm 140grs SBT Gameking
    Sierra 7mm 150grs SBT Gameking
    Hornady 7mm 139grs SST
    Hornady 7mm 154grs SP
    Hornady 7mm 154grs RN

    I also have VV N160 for reloading my 6.5x55, is this powder suitable for the above, if so does anyone have any reloading info they would like to share?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    Nice soft round.
    My father had one in a combo.
    I'd pick a simple soft point 140gr or the 139SST so that you'll get some
    expansion at around 2500fps.
    I'll check my clever book if I have some data for it.

    best regards

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    I use the Sierra 140gr Pro hunters in my 7x57mm. I currently load this with 48gr H4831sc and get excellent groupings. I haven't managed to chrono this yet though so cannot tell you the velocity.

    So far it's done the job on a few roe and sika.

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    Hi Jonathan,
    just took some pictures of the data I have.

    The rimmed version 7x57R has a max pressure of 3400bar vs 3900 bar for the non rimmed version Mauser 7x57. One should not use 7x57 data.

    I think the N160 is a bit slow for the lighter bullets. N140 might suit better.
    Or go 160-170gr bullet with N160.

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    Thanks everyone

    And thank you ejg for taking the time to scan in the reloading info, that will be a great help!

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