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Thread: ruger 208 m 77 mk2 bullets

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    ruger 208 m 77 mk2 bullets

    bought a m77 today anyone know what bullets they like

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    Lol no worries my mate uses 150 grain hornadys I think says they group well

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    The Rugers I have seen are pretty unfussy when it comes to ammo. Federal seem to shoot OK in them - at the moment it's Norma.
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    Molecontrol are you asking about bullets or ammunition? In either case all rifles differ even from the same manufacturer, a load that works in one rifle may not shoot well in another. To get the best results it will be a matter of trying various loads and taking it from there.

    My personal preference in .308 bullets is the Sako 150grn Powerehead over a charge of VV N140 or TR140, but I have also had exccellant results with a couple of Lovex (Accurate Arms) powders.
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