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Thread: Hi, my name is Ray and enjoy talking most types of guns, Steyr is my favorite

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    Hi, my name is Ray and enjoy talking most types of guns, Steyr is my favorite

    I live in Arizona and hunt as many big game animals that I can be drawn for in the "lottery" type system . I hope to share some info on the Steyr Pro Hunter. Recently traded for a used Pro Hunter and was hoping it was accurate. It IS....Factory loads for starters are shooting less than one inch groups and now reload for it with as good or better results. is a .308. With Sierra 165 Gamekings it has shot 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards. With the "whispy" barrel and a gunstock that almost bends if you look at the wrong way it STILL shoots better than any rifle I have owned
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    Welcome Ray, hope you enjoy the SD.
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    Welcome to the site,

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    Welcome Ray
    hope you enjoy the forum from another newbie.i have just bought a styer pro hunter mountain .308 and have yet to zero it in.i hope they are as good as you say!

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    Greetings Ray
    I bought Pro hunter mountain in .243 a couple of years ago and it shot well straight out of the box, I get sub 1" groups using 100 grain PPU, in fact it likes most ammo, the only stuff I had bad results with was winchester super-x and some 105 grain geko i tried. The PPU isn't as cheap as it was but is still good for factory ammo.

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    Welcome Ray! Enjoy your time here!

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