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Thread: Mod or no mod?

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    Mod or no mod?

    I'm looking to buy a lightweight stalking rifle. I think the calibre will be 6.5 x55. I like the look of the sako finnlight but this is not final. The question is would you use a moderator on it in which case get it screw cut. I know mods are all the rage these days but would shooting without a mod make much difference.

    thanks for your help.


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    Makes a lot of difference to your ears!
    some mods are heavier than others but all will increase the weight of your setup, so for you to decide if the increase in weight is a worthwhile trade off for the benefits of reduced noise, recoil and muzzle flip.

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    Most rifles do come screw cut already, so why not go for a mod? If possible try your rifle with one on, then make your assessment from there. I have an ATEC Maxum on my Tikka T3 Lite, and it balances perfectly. It will definitely safe your hearing, and iv never been a fan of wearing bulky ear defenders while shooting! Each to thier own but I prefer it for sure
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    I've got a Hardy Gen IV on my Sako 75 6.5x55. Great bit of kit. Not the quietest (my T8 brick was quieter) but as I spend most of my life carrying rather than shooting, the weight was of more interest than the small difference in moderation.

    There are other great mods out there, but i did my research, and this is what I went with.

    I only wear ear defenders on the range, never when stalking, so the mod is on there when doing range work to retain the "in field zero" rather than stop my ears getting a battering

    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
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    Increased chance of opportunity to grass a second or third beast with a mod on imo..

    Turn up at any estate with a group of guys for a weekend stalk/highseat and youll probably find yourself closest to the nearest road/boundary..

    Definately worth getting a mod
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    Ok so mod is in! If we are going for lightness what about the atec cmn4? Anyone used them

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    A very good but 'Marmite' question.

    You do not NEED a moderator for stalking, and non moderated shots down range rarely make a huge difference to the deer behaviour post shot.

    To balance that tho' there several good reasons for moderating the report.
    1. Your hearing, once your hearing is damaged it will remain as such if you value or need your hearing then do everything you can to preserve it.
    2. Weight ( as alluded to above) if your rifle weighs more the felt recoil will be less, also with a lightweight rifle it WILL flip significantly upon firing. Having a large lump on the barrel could well be the difference between getting a second shot off and not as they can help target acquisition.
    3. More land owners are 'requiring' that you work moderated, probably to keep 'save the bambi, clan' from getting on their tits.
    4. Keeping something we currently have. Whilst we don't really need a mod to stalk, the more folks that use them responsibly the more likely we are to be able to keep them. There a lots of countries that do not allow the use or ownership of moderators.

    My thoughts FWIW.

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    A moderator does make a huge difference as already said previously but it's the weight thing. This is usually a bit of a trade off for sound reduction against weight however most of the recognised mods on the market reduce the sound to a perfectly acceptable level.

    I use a "Hardy Gen IV", weight 296g / 10.4oz - it's an overbarrel type with a built in muzzle brake and very light. Very good piece of kit I use on my 6.5x55.

    Also use an "Ace Utra Northstar NS-3S", weight 686g / 1 lb 8.2oz - overbarrel type made of stainless which is very effective but heavy. I use this on my 7mm-08 however I have started using the "Hardy Gen IV" because it's so much lighter and still highly effective.

    FYI the "Hardy" is imported and made for Riflecraft Ltd in Norfolk £285.


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    no mod for me I am afraid.
    in fact I just tested my .222 without last night. zero is a little off to the right compared to moderated but the hassle factor of a seriously unbalanced rifle when hiking around the hills and woods outweighs any perceived "second shot" advantage.
    Moderator up and it constantly wants to swing down
    Moderator down and i am in the grass with the muzzle

    thats without looking at the extra weight

    2 little plugs are all that stand between you and ringing ears.
    they take seconds to fit, weigh nothing and are so easy to pop in one handed.
    I have these:

    they slip in easily without fuss and they work.
    i put a unmoderated shot through a 3ft concrete tube last night standing in the tube entrance. impressive blast came my way, no issues for these

    IMO the unmoderated boom is often enough to disorientate deer and especially in enclosed woodland or deep glens. They have no idea where it is coming from
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