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Thread: Sika population, Brownsea Island

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    Sika population, Brownsea Island

    Does anyone know the size of the current Sika population on Brownsea Island and whether this is allowing natural regeneration of the habitat there? Previously there was a reported overpopulation that damaged this habitat, does anyone have details of the maximum Sika numbers at that time. atb Tim

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    I would imagine it would be very difficult to estimate population on Brownsea as it probably changes frequently
    Brownsea was the original release site for Sika in the south. They were released on Brownsea, then swam to the mainland which is only a very short distance away.
    I would imagine that this still happens today
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    It's a question that cannot be answered with any accuracy. Firstly, counting deer is difficult at best and secondly, the sika on brownsea swim back and forth to the mainland so the population changes almost daily. What I can tell you is that a few of the major landowners (RSPB, MOD, NT) have been culling hard over the last few years and have made a significent dent in the population.

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    The average depth of Poole Harbour is 18 inches..

    The Sika are still in good numbers despite the cull being upped on Arne and surrounding areas.

    On Arne there are small areas of privately owned land where the revenue from allowing stalkers on makes for a shoot on site policy from the owner.

    There was also an opportunity of a 100 acre plot recently up for sale..

    Ive always wanted to capture a picture of a group of Sika swimming between the islands but no luck as yet..
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    Must get on to the wife to book a stay at Brownsea castle as it is dirt cheap and one of he perks of working for John Lewis.
    May see if I can time it with the rut this or next year
    Always makes me smile that someone thought it a good idea to put Sika on the island they must have thought,cheers easy were off over there it's only a short swim.

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    I have spent the last few days in pool and I had a trip onto Brownsea Island what a lovely place I envy any one living around there.
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